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 13  Baobab Tree: From Grootfontein drive on the B8 road towards Rundu. After 4km turn left onto M73. After 8km turn right onto the D2848. After 39 km there is a T junction. Drive straight on and the road now becomes the D2855. After 33km you will see the Baobab Tree sign on your right. From the car park it is about a 700 meter walk to the Big Baobab Tree.

It's a fair schlep out to this site,  but if you've never seen a Baobab Tree it's worth the drive. All Big Baobabs are special. When you get there, your efforts will be rewarded.


 12  Lake Otjikoto and Guinas: From Tsumeb drive the B1 road north for 20km. on you left hand side you'll see the signs for Lake Otjikoto. A further 1km north on the B1 you will see the sign for Lake Guinas. Take the D3043 for 25km and you arrive at the junction with the D3031. Turn right and rive for about 5km and you arrive at Lake Guinas. Please note that this is private property. There is a walk down hill for some 100 meters or so before you arrive at the Lake.

A good place to visit. Apart from the Lake with it's unusual geological feature - it is into this lake that the Germans dumped the Kaiser's Cannons in 1915. There's a small zoo, restaurant and lots of interesting collections at this site.



 TM   Tsumeb Museum: This is at the eastern end of the Main Street. The majority of self drive tourists don't know about the Museum and pass it by, and it really is a 'Must See'.   This is where you can see some of the Kaiser's Cannons that were  recovered from Lake Otjikoto and refurbished by the Old TCL Mine. There is also an excellent mineral sample collection from the TCL MIne De Wet Shaft plus many other items of interest.

 14    Gaub Cave Recommended pre-bookings for the guided tour. . The cave is not 'tourist friendly', so be prepared for some rock hopping. Not for the Claustrophobic and good boots are a must.

From Otavi drive the B1 road north for 25km then turn east onto the D3022. After 25km you arrive at the Guest Farm Ghaub.

From Grootfontein Drive the C42 towards Tsumeb for 25km. Turn west onto D3022. Drive for about 20km and arrive at Guest Farm Ghaub

 15   Hoba Meteorite: The world's largest meteorite. It's metal and weighs over 60 tons, is 84% Iron and 16% Nickel.

From Grootfontein: Drive the  C42 towards Tsumeb. After 4kmsYou will see the sign on the left hand side for the road 2905. After about 12kms you will see the turn off to the Hoba Meteorite 1km.

From Otavi: Drive the B8 towards Grootfontein. After 50kms turn left onto D2860. After about 6km you will see sign to Hoba Meteorite 1km.

 17   The Khorab Monument: This is at the place known as Kilometre 500 where on 9 July 1915 the German forces in South West Africa surrendered to the Union Of South Africa's General Louis Botha thus ending hostilities within the colony. It's difficult to find the memorial as some of the streets in Otavi have no signs, so make use of the Map of Otavi. Once over the railway track, turn right. You will find a a sign 'Khorab Monument 'pointing to waste land across which there is a farm fence with a notice 'Strictly Private". At this sign take the left hand path. After 1.7kms you should arrive at the Khorab Monument.

 31   Waterberg Resort: On the B1 road 28km south of Otjiwarongo turn east onto C22 tarred road for 42km. Turn north onto D2512 Gravel road. After 24km arrive at the Waterberg Resort. There are good hiking trails in the Park, plus guided 4x4 scenic game tours on the plateau.

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