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Map of Spitzkoppe


Directions: On the B2 road about 24km west of Usakos you will see the sign on the north side of the road for Henties Bay. Turn onto the D1930 for about 500m then turn west onto the D1918 for about 28km. The turn north east onto the D1925 for about 6km then arrive at the small reception office. The attraction is managed by the Spitzkoppe Community Rest Camp. They offer a limited amount of covered accommodation along with camping sites that are situated around the site. The below map shows the camping areas marked (yellow) 1 thru 11.


Spitzkoppe Rock Bridge

Rock Bridge


Known as the Dove Cave. Looks more like a whale to me

Dove Cave


Bushmen Painting "The Golden Snake"

Golden Snake painting


Rock formation know as the "Boxing Gloves".

Boxing Gloves

Bushmen Painting of Rhino

Bushman Paintings

Rock Arch

Rock Bridge

ARea known as the 'Bushmens Paradise'.

Bushman's Paradise

Edie, my guide

Eddie, my guide


In 2006 gates were erected on the northern side of the attraction and several species of game animal introduced. You can only enter this area accompanied by a guide.


The area offers some unusual rock features that are very popular with photographers. Sunrise and sunsets are good times for photographing the red glowing rocks. You will have to time your program carefully in order to gain the best lighting / shadow effects on the various attractions. The paintings at the Bushman's Paradise are in the sheltered area, but have been subjected to a considerable amount of 'water wash' owing to their location. They are not very clear. Those at the small bushman's paradise are easily accessible and of a better quality. However, the paintings are not a interesting as those at the nearby Philipp's Cave or the Brandberg. The effects of weathering on the rocks can be seen at the rock bridge (A) which has recently experienced a mid-section, minor collapse. The granite becomes quite hot in the summer and when a sudden downpour of rain cools the rock, contraction causes splits and eventually exfoliation of the outer layers of rock.


Camping here is a pleasant experience. The various sites are nestled against the rocks, and you feel quite remote on this part of the 3rd rock from the sun. There are 'long drop' field toilets nearby to the camp sites, but no water. However it is not too far to the main Office/ Bar / Accommodation Area where you can shower etc.


Climbing: There are some challenging climbs at the Spitzkoppe. The granite faces are quite smooth, and uncomfortably hot during the summer months. When wet they are slippery offering little grip.  The climbs demand experience and the correct equipment.


It was good to note that this attraction is gaining popularity with the guided tour companies. The Spitzkoppe is spectacular and well worth a camping stay-over.


  Spitzkoppe Community Centre Day Visitor Fees 


Sedan Cars

4x4 Vehicles

Buses/ Trucks


Guided Tour 1-4 person

N$35.00 pp





N$120.00 pp


Bungalow Single

Bungalow Double

Camp Site



N$120.00 pp

N$140 pp

N$45.00 pp





Guided Tour more than 4 Persons = N$120.00 x 4 + N$30.00 each extra person


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