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Maps of Namibia. All the Namibia Maps you need. Accurate Digital Maps of Namibia Roads and Towns updated in cooperation with the local authorities.

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Map of Namibia Country Road Map version 2013 ebook



Map Image Quality: Towards the bottom of the page you can see a sample of Map page F as a pdf. Our Map of Namibia version 2010 e-book. has A4 sized maps, crisp and clear. The maps are not simple scans from paper medium productions. They are digitally designed at our offices for computer use and for conversion to pdf. And, these are the most up to date Namibia maps available.


Quick Navigation Panel sample

Navigation:   You will already have familiarised yourself with the navigation system used on the website and be pleased to see that we have used a similar logic for the e-book. On the sample of the pdf page below, which is a full A4, size  you can see each page has an Index return button at the top of the page and also alternative navigation buttons at the top, sides and bottom of the page to allow quick and easy movement from page to page.


Map Print Size A4:  I have my personal set laminated back to back. This way they are dirt proof, water proof and sweaty hands proof. The map sections are conveniently sized and easy to handle. I don't have to mess around with crumpled maps or go searching through guide book pages.


Content and Convenience: The whole Map of Namibia has been divided in a way that the map sections B, C, F and G cover the

most popular road routes used in Namibia. We've designed it this way in order that your whole days travel area can usually be covered by one map section.


You need Accurate Map Information


This version of our Map of Namibia eBook offers the   Best Value   for any  Namibia Map issue available to date  and includes:

  • Accurate and Updated Road Map of Whole of Namibia
  • Map of Namibia Border Entry Post along with important cross border information for the motorist
  • Detailed Map of Etosha Game Park
  • Map of Swakopmund town area showing all attractions for tourists etc.
  • Map of Walvis Bay with clear directions to the waterfront and lagoon areas
  • Map of Windhoek Central (CBD) showing all attractions for tourists etc.



ISBN 978-99945-69-15-1



Customer Satisfaction: For those viewers who have been visiting the Map of Namibia website, for the past 4 years or so, will have noticed ongoing improvements. Our first (2009) map issue was a great success, and we thank the many of you who wrote in with encouraging comments. Meanwhile we continued trying to make improvements and finding out exactly what the best mix of maps would be for you, and you'll see that we have now managed to get the page size to a full A4 and we've also added the street maps of the major towns. I'll say it again,  "It is only by understanding your (the market's) wants and needs that we can be of good service. We are sure that you will be another satisfied customer."  However, should you not be happy with the product you have purchased you are welcome to email us and we will refund your money, less the bank transfer charges.




Warm regards from Swakopmund



for Namibia-1on1 Group.

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Namibia & RSA residents please use online banking transfer to make purchase

  Sample page from ebook 
sample map page


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